Puisi Bahasa Inggris Dan Artinya Terbaru Serta Lengkap

Kali ini kami mencoba mengangkat beberapa puisi inggris dengan bahasa yang alakadarnya mungkin sangat jauh dari gramaticalnya bahkan mungkin sulit dimengerti oleh anda.
Puisi Bahasa Inggris Dan Artinya Terbaru Serta Lengkap
Jika ada kesamaan kalimat atau kata dalam puisi bahasa inggris kami itu, tidak disengaja sama sekali.

English Poetry from omevan, if i have much time maybe i can add some poetry to this blog. I hope you like and make critical for poetry from us, thanks.

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Puisi bahasa inggris dan artinya

Contoh puisi bahasa inggris sebagai berikut

A Night of full darkness

The day when come darkness
I sit on the chair alone
I feel regret about my life
But, i still make a plan for future

In my head have full of planning
But i still doubt how to do its
Maybe, i'm still alone
Who can i talk? I think

My parent is busy with their job
Seem not think about me
Sometimes i feel angry in my deep heart
Why my parent are so

No one talk to me
I said in my heart
Don't worry stay calm
Thrust my self, i can stand up myself

Sometimes i want ta talk with them
What i feel in my head and heart
Seemly, they let me
I don't know why?

Sunrise moment can't be forget

I go with my frinds to a place
Place wellknown in this country
Many people visited there
Many tourists at other countries come too

When night is full darkness
We have a plan to go there
We go sleep cause do not miss beautiful sunrise
But my eyes can not close

In the morning, We go to a place
Where, every people come to
A high place and on the below is beach
We still see to a point

Little dark clouds on the top point
People regret and worry can't see
Minutes clouds lost
People is happy and concern to the point

I wait long for sunrise
No patience to see it
I see violet color on the top beach
Every person say, "what beautiful sunrise"

Litle darkness is change bright
Sun is up, sun is up!
Every people shot this moment
Sunrise moment can't be forget.

Don't give up and keep smile

Day come darkness while sun in your face
World seem doesn't understand
Situation don't face to you
Foreign countries try to help

When situation become hard to say
Just war as altenatively to life
Save your country, children and women
Don't give up! Face enemies

I know you're very strong
I konow you're heroes
To save your country you ready to die
For the shake of your God and justice

You're not alone
Don't feel you lonely
Allah with us! Allah with us!
Say the world we still fight

We just help and pray in every prayer
I want your contry back to your hand
Don't give up and keep smile
Keep fight !

Don't let them take your contry
Don't let them take your land
Fight and keep smile.

Puisi bahasa inggris tentang guru

Puisi guru terbaik dalam bahas inggris

Thanks the best teachers

Dear my teachers
You teach me everything 
You're make me know the world

You are my parent when we in the school
When we are bad, you talk with your heart
When we don't understand, you explain with patience

Much time you with us
You don't feel angry to us
You are calm facing us

We love you, my teachers
We miss you when i don't be in the class
Give me lesson with your heart

You're the best teacher
You're the best teacher.

Don't angry our teachers

I know you want us clever and smart
Don't be angry to us
I know you explain hard
But our brain are difference

We will be effort to understand
While my rank is not as you hope
We promise to learn lessons
Don't angry our teachers

We know you want best for us
For now an the future
Don' angry my teachers.

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